We can deliver to your town! We have a coordinator in some cities now, with established buying clubs. If you would like to start a club here is how they work –

A coordinator sends out an email to a group of people who may be interested. They email their order back to the coordinator who then forwards it on to me. I put the actual orders together and send an email back to the coordinator with everyone’s totals. Each person has to get a check and a cooler back to the coordinator before the delivery date, or some chose to just meet the truck at the drop off site. The coordinator gets $50 off of their order for every $1,000 the club orders. Everyone gets the worlds best meat at a great price without paying shipping! For more information email me at tracy @ motherearthmeats.com.

If you would like to join the already established clubs you can email these folks, in these cities…



Ball Ground – jennalaughter@yahoo.com
Dacula – info@ranchoalegrefarm.com
Dallas – amberalise2924@yahoo.com
Johns Creek – ptatgenhorst@gmail.com
Sugar Hill – christa@myptic.com



Jacksonville – shoughc@bellsouth.net



Holland – kristina.carlton@gmail.com



Elgin – camsmama@hotmail.com
Newberry – brande.rambo@yahoo.com



Bartlett – bartlettmem@gmail.com
Chattanooga – jennycooper@epbfi.com
Cleveland – cterry523@bellsouth.net
Collierville – colliervillemem@gmail.com
Memphis – llw_wilkinson@yahoo.com
Johnson City – aimee16598@aol.com
Nashville – nashvillemeat@gmail.com