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York Valley Cheese Co. enjoys a rich heritage of cheese curing expertise as passed down through four generations over the last eighty-five years.

Situated in the quiet town of Hellam, located in the soft rolling hills of York County close to the Susquehanna River, it was founded in 1925 by M. R. Druck. Originally, the cheeses were cured for sale in the area farmers markets and a selected route of cheese loving customers. As time passed and the exquisite taste of these cheeses were passed by word of mouth the business flourished beyond Mr. Druck’s fondest dreams.

Our all-natural Grade “A” cheese is made by an expert Wisconsin cheese maker whose highly developed techniques and superb skills have been passed down through generations of gourmet cheese makers.

Natural cheese is made from rich whole milk in a form
which accentuates its natural qualities. The milk is heated
to a specific temperature at which time enzymes are added in exacting amounts to form the curd and whey. The butterfat, protein, and minerals of the whole milk make up the curd to produce natural cheese. The special separation process of the curd from the whey is a highly sophisticated technique after which it allows the curd to be pressed into
a wheel shape called a flat.

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